RENFROE Lifting Clamp Model LJ 2t

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The Model LJ is a vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a plate from horizontal to vertical and back through the same ninety-degree arc. It is small and easy to handle in capacities through three tons. Each clamp is given a RFID transponder as standard, for simplified inspection and documentation. The Model LJ incorporates a “Lock Closed” feature, which facilitates attaching the clamp to the plate.

Typ: W.L.L. Weight(Kg) Maß A: Maß B: Maß C: Maß D: Maß E: Maß F: Maß G: Maß H: Maß J: Maß K: Maß L:
Model LJ 0,5t 0,5t 4,1 0-19mm 66,8mm 168,3mm 260,3mm 57,2mm 127,0mm 60,3mm 47,6mm 12,7mm 127,0mm 17.8 mm
Model LJ 1,0t 1,0t 6,8 0-19mm 80,1mm 209,5mm 341,3mm 66,7mm 149,3mm 73,0mm 52,4mm 15,9mm 163,5mm 19.6 mm
Model LJ 2,0t 2,0t 11,8 0-25,4mm 92,1mm 228,6mm 401,6mm 82,6mm 184,2mm 82,3mm 73,0mm 19,0mm 193,7mm 25.4 mm
Model LJ 3,0t 3,0t 15,4 0-31,2mm 108,0mm 273,05mm 457,2mm 92,1mm 208,0mm 92,1mm 76,2mm 19,0mm 212,7mm 25.4 mm

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Carrying Capacity 2 Tons