The most demanding lifting processes, adverse environmental conditions combined with durability, safety and ease of maintenance. And this with loads to be lifted between 500 and 150,000 kilograms! For over 80 years, more than 500,000 jack clamps sold by the American jack clamp pioneer J.C. RENFROE, worldwide for these demands. It is therefore not surprising that Renfroe lifting clamps are among the most reliable and market-leading clamps worldwide.More than convinced of the advantages and customer benefits of RENFROE products, RUD founded chains as the worldwide dominant manufacturer for lifting and lashing technology, a sales subsidiary specializing in this product area for the European market. The HanSol GmbH created in this way also benefits from its parent company from its enormous competence and experience
in the field of lifting technology and load handling devices, and with its extensive sales network also enables even closer proximity to the customer.The standard product range offered includes the most common lifting clamps with different load capacities for vertical and horizontal lifting processes. But the HanSol team of experts is also available for very special or particularly heavy loads.In close cooperation with the engineers from J.C. RENFROE, we also develop solutions for our customers with highly individual requirements.Talk to us, we look forward to you:Tel. +49 (0)7361/ 975 338-0